Prerolls: True OG (indica)

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Our pre-rolled joints are made from Top Shelf, Freshly ground flower and hand-packed into pre-rolled, unbleached cones. We never use shake or low quality buds to ensure great taste and quality experience. These powerful little joints come in a 4 pack of .5 gram joints and are great for when you want to skip the ritual and go straight to enjoying our high quality buds.

True OG is a powerful OG Kush phenotype that is known to have creeping effects that slowly and gradually build as the high wears on. Initially, smokers may detect a warm wash of euphoria, as any prior stresses or cares melt into the background. Its also known to provide stimulation for the mind, sparking a long lasting, focused head-high that assists the free association of thoughts and ideas. As the high wears on or as dosage is increased, True OG can provide a full body relaxation that can quickly turn to couchlock or a deep sleep if you’re not careful.

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4 Pack, 10 Pack